Who we are

Trackerwave is a designer and manufacturer of Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for indoor and outdoor. Our state-of-the-art solutions cater to a diverse list of customers across the globe.

Trackerwave has developed more than 25 IoT sensors for various applications across industries. We has also developed accompanying software that makes it easy to install and run sensors, actuators and workflow automation.

Our software and hardware solutions are designed to work well together, yet following Open standards for Application Software Integration such as HL7, REST API and MQTT etc.

Our Goal

Improving effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare enterprises using next-gen technologies, quality driven engineering practices and professional engagement.

Our Mission

Bring easier and affordable RTLS technology to industry practices to deliver operational excellence and better outcomes.

  1. R&D Office in Chennai, India
  2. Hardware manufacturing units at Bangalore and Chennai India
  3. Global Presense in Australia, UAE and USA
  4. We are team a team of 75 engineers, veterans and young blood, with a strong background in R&D, Electronics & Enterprise Software
  5. With the advantage of a cutting edge product portfolio, Trackerwave is dedicated to meet future trends with innovation and is committed to deliver quality services and increase operating margins of our customers through relentless focus on business efficiency by reducing operating costs and increase revenue by optimisation and efficiency gains through our Products and Services