Asset Tracking

Ovitag RTLS technology can reduce the time taken to locate equipment from the typical minutes to few seconds, which is particularly helpful for administrative, biomedical engineering and nursing staff. Most organizations own twice the amount of equipment than required, and it is increasingly important to maximize equipment utilization. Determining optimal asset inventory levels allowing organizations to decrease replacement purchases, shift equipment to sister facilities or sell surplus assets. Ovitag RTLS platform also offers healthcare specific use cases such as maintenance of calibration details, manuals, quarantine and so on.

Key Features

Remote monitoring of assets

Asset audit and inventory management

Notify if asset movement is not as per defined SLA or due for maintenance or calibration

Multi campus support

Asset movement management

Improved asset utilization and security

Alerting SLA deviations or due for maintenance or calibration

Integration enabled with existing CMMS/ERP systems

Integrated with hospital floor plan

Analytics to improve asset usage efficiency

Instant visibility to asset status and location with very high precision