Devices that are essential for the effective day to day operations in a healthcare environment. They make sure patient safety is took utmost care with.

IV Bag Hand Hygiene Surgical Sterilization
Bluetooth BLE 5.0 BLE 5.0
Power Input LiPo or AAA Batteries LiPo or AAA Batteries
Charging Port 3 Pin Pogo 3 Pin Pogo
Sterilization E2O, Plasma, Gamma E2O, Plasma, Gamma Auto Clave
Battery Life 6 Months 6 Months
Form Factor 4mm/4mm
Display Unit Device Utilization Pill Box
Bluetooth BLE 5.0 BLE 5.0 BLE 5.0
Power Input 2200mAh LiPo ( No external power needed)
Dimensions 8.9 Inch Display
Battery CR Battery One year
Refresh Interval 1 Sec
Sterilization E2O, Plasma, Gamma
Operating Temperatures - 30 C / + 70 C - 30 C / + 70 C - 30 C / + 70 C
Location Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Application 5A, 15Amp, Device Utility Monitor Glucometer strip, Pill Tracking
Sensor Power Utilizationt Tap open counter
Range 10 mAh to 15 Amp