Home Quarantine Solution

As the novel corona virus pandemic has taken the world by storm, our innovative Home Quarantine Tracker Solution can effectively track and trace quarantined patients around the clock with very less human intervention and thus ensuring fool proof quarantine. Government authorities and healthcare officials can monitor the situation using a command center easing man power requirements for quarantine monitoring.

When international air traffic resumes, the passengers should be quickly evicted from the terminal to home or quarantine location as fast as possible to maintain social distancing. Similar measures are needed at screening centers and other public locations. Upon arrival at the airport or screening desk, the traveler shall be tied with a wrist band tag and asked to install a mobile app to record the tag details. The initial registration can be self-serviced by the patient or authorities may do it as well

This wrist band is a lot more effective over ink-stamps or just a mobile application as it actively helps track down the quarantined person’s location preventing further risks. The mobile phone app is a channel to send the data to the cloud monitoring system. The mobile phone and the cloud monitoring app show the status as Green as long as the patient remains within the geo fencing perimeter. A geo fence is created in the background to make sure there’s a prescribed limit of movement allowed for the patient at the defined location. If there’s any violation such as patient moving out with or without the phone, removal of the tag from the wrist, the patient shall be alerted on the mobile application with Red status

The tracker shall alert the quarantined person and the authorities upon geo fencing violations or if the phone switched-off. Authorities can monitor, communicate and ensure safe home-quarantine at scale for large number of passenger’s post lock-out days to manage fresh import cases. The app also allows for useful analytical insights like time of violation, reason for violation, response time etc. With the help of real-time maps, locating the patient at any given time is made even more simple

With the help of a wrist band tag and mobile application, government authorities and healthcare officials can make sure this solution will effectively monitor thousands of patients at the same time. This will help in controlling a situation of community spread to a greater extent. The patient wrist band tag has a unique feature that helps quarantined patients to communicate with command center anytime. The tag has a “press-button” option that helps in letting the authorities know that the patient is in need of help. The authorities can then communicate with the patient through the registered mobile or alternate contact number that is provided at the time of registration

This mobile application has a provision to record vital statistics on a frequent basis to report symptoms or progression to the authorities. The solution also helps for capturing patient related health data by way of a questionnaire that the patient is asked to fill up and send back. Using the same, authorities can make sure if the patient is stable or needs immediate attention.

Key Features

Self-registration or authority registration driven

Far few personnel required to keep watch on violations. Only alerts need to be handled

Clears public places like Airport Arrival or screening centers with patient tracking

Tag can be reused by changing the strap after sterilization

Health workers and law enforcement is not required to go to quarantined home every day, thereby reducing risk expose

Ensures suspected patients’ isolation

Integrated with hospital floor planHealth workers can track any suspected patients walking in public places