Nurse Call Automation

It is highly critical to have the nurse by the bedside to deliver care to patients at critical times to ensure the necessary actions. Ovitag RTLS offers a solution that provides tags for patients and coasters for nurses that helps patient calls nurse on demand. Nurse call workflow offers automated call management, patient alert routing, nurse tracing and patient safety. Patients can reach out with the help of a button on their wrist band tags, to easily request a nurse for help, for example to attend to an alarming device or change position of bed.

Key Features:
  1. Improved patient satisfaction
  2. Improved nursing outcome
  3. Location aware nurse call routing
  4. Ease of nurse call
  5. Auto documentation of nurse call and action
  6. Reporting and Analytics to improve nurse staff deployment
  7. Integrated with hospital floor plan
  8. Supports organizations with multi campus
  9. Nurse call dashboard and alerts through SMS/Email