People Tags

Have your employees or visitors carry tags with them to monitor their movement around the venue, manage people flow, and optimize space and equipment usage.

Bluetooth 5.0 & 5.1
NBIoT CATm1 / NB1 /NB2
Power Input CR Battery or Rechargable Lipo Battery
Dimensions & Weight Less than 3.4cm X 3.8cm and 9gm
Charging Port 2 Pin PoGo
Operating Temperatures - 30 C / + 70 C
Sterilization E20, Gamma, Plasma
Sensor Fall, Step, Sleep Monitoring, Nurse Call
Special Sensor Heart Rate, Pulse, SpO2 and Skin Temperature
Accelerometer Yes
Battery Life 10 Days to 2 months
Battery Type LiPo Battery
Recharge 2 Pin PoGo
Features Social distancing alert, Contact Tracing
Reuse Sterilisable
Support for Gateway Yes