Vitals Monitoring Solution

Trackerwave offers a comprehensive social distancing and vital monitoring solution using the Ovitag RTLS hardware for employees, especially indoor, outdoor and public facing job roles. The system focuses on employees who need to be tracked and also monitored based on health parameters with wearable wrist band connected to employee’s iOS/Android mobile application, wirelessly communicating to Trackerwave Enterprise RTLS Cloud.

Continuous tracking of Geo locations of the mobile workforce on the field via intelligent wearable sensors is now the most important step needed to make sure they are safer than ever post lockdown days. As with most IoT solutions, it is critical to avoid being overwhelmed by a steady stream of meaningless data. Rather, is essential to send accurate and actionable intelligence to the cloud for visualization and customized alert notifications.

The employee wearable device communicates current location every second to the installed mobile app. Employee’s location will be tracked and visible in command Centre web portal so that employee contact areas will be identified which helps in other employees to avoid visiting affected zones/areas and keep them safe. Optionally, hardware variant with embedded sim chip or micro sim is available with direct data back haul to the cloud for On Field employees. Continuous location tracking enables contact tracing and isolation if need be to necessary personnel by knowing the travel history.

Vitals Monitoring Clinical grade Wearable Health Devices which are required post COVID-19 that enables continuous monitoring of human vital signs during daily life (during work at home, during sport activities, etc.) or in a clinical environment, with the advantage of minimizing discomfort and interference with normal human activities.

Sensors critical to identify onset of COVID-19 such as Heart Rate, SPo2, Skin Temperature, Blood pressure, Pulse rate are integrated into Trackerwave’s proven Bluetooth and NB-IoT based wrist wearables with standard sensors such as accelerometer, SoS call button for various indoor and outdoor wearable applications, that includes continuous vital monitoring and outdoor security applications. There shall be alerts to both employees and EHS Command Centre to identify employees displaying symptoms, facilitating early isolation.

Employee Safety The wearable allows the employee to Raise distress calls, with ease of a button press. Our staff tags provide a Call button, that is location aware and would alert the employer for assistance. Timely help calls alerts colleagues to reach out for assistance. Centralized staff tracking helps reach out to staffs at emergency situations with ease.

Social Distancing Alerts Our Indoor staff tags provide social distancing alerts (by means of a vibration and LED indication on the wearable) for a group of employees getting in close contacts, (configurable, default is 1 meter). The compliance and violations are audited and can be reported for any historical reporting and necessary isolation. The tags also report employee body temperature on a continuous basis. Organizations can monitor employee movement in premises, contacts made and avoid overcrowding of common places.

Key Features

SoS button for employee to reach Command center

Wrist band everyday wearable, light weight like a watch

Dust and Water proof, IP67

Low power architecture for long lasting battery life

Rechargeable with 2pin PoGo cable, provided with the wearable

Accelerometer to track employee movement, fall, activity

Continuous monitoring of Vitals such as SPO2, Skin Temperature, Heart Rate and Pulse

Social distancing alerts (in-door models)