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Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

Trackerwave empowers workplaces to safely reopen by automating employee social distancing and easy contact tracing

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Key Features :

Ranging between tags, no Gateways required

Avoid over-crowding

Alarms when safe distance is violated

No infrastructure needed

Gateway Readers are installed at the entrance/exit of the facility

BLE gateway wirelessly transfers contacts from tags when people entering or leaving the facility

Helps identifying employees with low risk, medium exposure and high risk

Our Key Offerings

Real-time and precise location of assets, patients and staff.
Asset Management
Improves security, utilization and maintenance of moveable devices.
Way Finding
Indoor navigation for patients/visitors on mobile for ease of movement for better experience.
Employee Safety
Emergency call safety option, Location aware workflow and communication.
Nurse Call Automation
Patient wrist band and Nurse Coaster enabled locate aware workflow for better care delivery.
Staff Communication
Our location aware staff coasters enable hospital staff communicate with in the facility with ease.

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