Our Key Solution Offerings

COVID-19 Home Quarantine Solution

Effectively track an trace quarantined patients around the clock with very less human intervention.

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Contact Tracing & Social Distancing

Creating a safe workplace for employees, automate approaches to manage employee social distancing and contact tracing.

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Surgical Sterilization Management

RFID based Tags and Readers are deployed to capture availability of expected number of surgical consumables.

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Bed Occupancy monitoring

Accurate bed occupancy monitoring, related clinical and administrative workflows

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Digital Queue

Digital Queue workflow for primay care, health check routines and day care centres

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People Tracking

Real-time and precise location of assets, patients and care providers

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Patient Safety

Wander management, Geo-fencing, fall risk alert and call for help

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Asset Management

Improves security, utilization and maintenance of moveable devices

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Environment Monitoring

Temperature, Humidity, Differential pressure monitoring with Alert management

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Way Finding

Indoor navigation for patients/visitors on mobile for ease of movement for better experience

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Infant Security

Mother-newborn pair, Infant identification, Geo-fencing with Alert management

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Asset Tracking

Reduce the time taken to locate equipment from the typical minutes to few seconds

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Infection Control

Monitor sterilization process of surgical or utility equipment with our tracking tags

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Porter Management

Automated workflow for efficient movement, improves patient satisfaction

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Hand Hygiene Compliance

Enforce care provider hand sterilization prior inpatient bed visit

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Outpatient / Daycare Workflow

Increased out patient satisfaction with shorter wait time ensured by efficient queue management and coaster

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Nurse Call Automation

Patient wrist band enabled calling with integrated clinical workflow for better care delivery

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Employee Safety & Tracking

Emergency call safety option, Improves employee satisfaction, Traceability of staff at-ease

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Continous Vitals Monitoring

Clinical grade wearable health device that enables continuous monitoring of human vitals

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IV Bag Level Monitoring

Supports IV bags and bottle level monitoring, for liquids of different viscosity and suspension

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Staff Communication

Our location aware staff coasters enable hospital staff communicate with in the facility with ease.

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Fall Risk & Bed Occupancy

Fall risk patients, in stroke and orthopedics ward are provided with movement aware wrist band tag, coupled with bed occupancy monitors.

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Outdoor Tracking Solution

Simplified deployment into existing cellular network architecture. Lower power consumption & component cost.

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Device Utilization Monitoring

Our location aware smart plug monitors bed side equipment’s utilization thus preventing revenue loss caused by billing errors.

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Ovitag™ RTLS for Other Industries

Airport - Indoor navigation, asset tracking and crowd management in the passenger and apron areas of airports powered by sensors

Automobile - We offer both 2G and 4G NBIoT based outdoor tracking for automobile fleets such as Taxis, Ambulances, Public Transport and so on

Agriculture - We provide a sensor suite for plant monitoring, especially for hydroponics farms. Our multi spectrum readers enables as a low cost IoT gateway for agricultural sensor’s cloud connectivity

Warehousing - Track goods, pallets, fork lifts and vehicles within and outside the warehouse effectively with unique 3 dimensional location for pallet racks

Logistics - Track movable objects and vehicles seamlessly in outdoor and indoor locations accurately with our 2G or Next Generation NBIoT trackers

Ports - Effective traffic and crowd management within ports in addition to asset and staff tracking

Mining - Improve safety, utilization of assets in mines using our long range, high precision tracking technology with insights reporting

Baggage Tracking - Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 based baggage tags to universally track and trace travel bags, school bags, backpacks and so on, trusted with a block chain infrastructure