Digital Queue (DQ) Management

Trackerwave offers a comprehensive Digital Queue Management solution using the Ovitag RTLS hardware and software products for Daycare, Outpatient appointments, Health Check appointments, Indoor Navigation for patients, Patient auto Check in/out procedures, etc. with iOS/Android mobile application, that can be integrated to the hospital’s own app or a Patient Coaster or a wrist band tag. Ovitag Digital Queue helps to automatically assign location to perform clinical activities (touch points) of a pre-defined care pathway. The system allows to define pathways for different clinical condition of the patient. Based on the pathway and the rules defiend, the resource allocation are dynamcially managed in DQ.

Key Features:
  1. Reduce patient wait times
  2. Improve patient satisfaction and experience
  3. Improve care team communication
  4. Increase room utilization
  5. Understand and optimize flows
  6. Enhance patient flow
  7. Increase patient throughput
  8. Increase staff productivity
  9. Enable process improvement