Patient Safety

Identifying patient location and movement is critical to ensure patient safety in a hospital environment. Ovitag™ patient tracker fits on to patient's wristbands and helps staff have visibility into patient's location at all times. The system can also notify staff if a patient leaves a designated area, such as their assigned room or ward. The solution can also be deployed in senior citizen and mental health facilities with geo-fencing and alarms. Our patient tags support fall sensing and movement alerts that can help nurse station monitor patients in fall risk category.

Key Features:
  1. Improved patient safety
  2. Ease of patient tracking
  3. Notify SLA deviations
  4. Supports organizations with multi campus
  5. Links patient with assets
  6. Reporting and Analytics
  7. Reduce ALOS (average length of stay)
  8. Reduce DOOR to CT/MRI time during stroke
  9. Identify device associated hospital borne diseases
  10. Reduce fall risk
  11. Monitor patient movement out of bed