Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

Key Features

Fast, affordable, simple to use

Deploys in hours

14 days of Battery Life, recharged by 2 pin cables

60MB memory to store contact tracing for up to 90days

Small sleek ID Card Holder

Sterilisable with Wipes, Ethyl Oxide or Plasma

Integrate with HR tools to automate email/texts to employees

Configurable contact distance and duration settings

Analytics tools for behaviors and trends

Highly secure

Private/Public or On Premise cloud

Extendable to multiple use cases such as crowd control, geo fencing and mustering

How it works ?

Trackerwave's ID CARD HOLDERS are issued to employees, visitors, vendors and contractors to carry while at work. Using peer-to-peer capabilities, the ID CARD HOLDERS will flash, vibrate and sound a brief audible alert when employees are within 4 feet (1 meter) for more than 15seconds (or as configured by administrator). There are buttons to snooze the social distancing alarm, if need be, yet continuing contact tracing Secure by design, ensuring no personal data stored on the device with a click of a button, detailed reporting enables contact tracing using historical data on movement and interactions in order to trigger safety protocols.

Up and running within hours – No Integration needed

Fast set up using ID CARD HOLDERS, secure Cloud Software, and Trackerwave Gateways at Exit or Entry points of the Facility. Immediate access to analytics that include location data such as interaction type and contact duration (including start and end times) ID Card holders can hold data upto 90days and transfer to the cloud when it comes in proximity to a Gateway Reader installed at Entry/Exit Gates.

As organizations around the world resume operations, new requirements for creating a safe workplace for employees are driving the need to automate approaches to manage employee social distancing and contact tracing. Trackerwave's ID Card Holder Peer to Peer Device simplifies easy social distancing, contact tracing, and drive compliance to enterprises to help prevent workplace exposure to COVID-19, with no network infrastructure.

Workplace Safety physical distancing is enforced with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based ID CARD HOLDERS that alert employees when they are closer than 4 feet (1 meter) for 15seconds or more (Contact) or 15minutes or more (Close Contact).

Risk Free Contact tracing &
Social Distancing analytics

Bluetooth powered Social Distancing and Contact Tracing devices, and drive compliance to enterprises to help prevent exposure to COVID-19, with no network infrastructure

Social Distancing

Ranging between tags, no Gateways required

Avoid over-crowding

Alarms when safe distance is violated

No infrastructure needed

Contact Tracing

Gateway Readers are installed at the entrance/exit of the facility

BLE gateway wirelessly transfers contacts from tags when people entering or leaving the facility

Helps identifying employees with low risk, medium exposure and high risk

DigiTrace ID Card Holder

Technology BLE 5.0, UWB
Power Input Rechargable LiPo Battery
Dimensions & Weight 9.2cm X 5.5cm X 1cm and 52gm
Operating Temperatures - 20 C / + 60 C
Sterilization E2O, Gamma, Plasma
Sensor Accelerometer, RFID 125KHz
Communication Two way
Alert Sound & Vibration
Battery Life 14 Days

Gateway Reader

Network Interface WIFI IEEE802.11a/b/g/n
Ethernet 10/100M Power Over Ethernet
CPU ARM® Cortex® @240MHz
Flash Memory 16MB
Power Input 100-240V, 0-5A, 50-60Hz, 22-32VA
Power Output 2Pin, 2.1MM 5V, 2A DC
Dimensions 10.9cm x 10.9cm x 2.6cm
Weight 98gm
Operating Temperatures - 40 C / + 70 C
UWB 6.2 GHz, 30 Meters
BLE BLE 5.0, 20 Meters